Qutt is a platform for collecting money from friends and family.

Qutt will facilitate the process of collecting money from your friends and family. Here are some scenarios in which you may benefit from Qutt:

  • Planning a trip with a group of friends or family and one person has to handle the cash.
  • Paying the bill at a restaurant and then having to collect each share from your friends.
  • Planning to buy a gift for someone with a group of friends or family.
  • Reserving a venue with friends or family.




No, you can participate in a Qutt without registering simply by using the link sent to your mobile number and then clicking on “Proceed as a guest” option.

  • Click on the “REGISTER” button on the home page.
  • Enter all the required information.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions by ticking the box.
  • Click on the “REGISTER” button below.

You only need to verify your account if you would like to withdraw money from your Qutt account to your bank account. If you are only participating in other people's Qutts, then you do not need to verify your account.

  • Go to “My Info” tab.
  • Complete all the required fields.
  • Upload a copy of your valid Civil ID (Front and Back).
  • Enter your IBAN number.
  • Click on “SAVE CHANGES” button.
  • The administrator will review the attached documents and information provided and will verify your account within 24 hours.

  • On the main page, click on “Forgot Password?”.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Click “SEND”.
  • You will receive your temporary password through SMS.
  • Enter your mobile number in the login page along with your temporary password then click “LOG IN”.


  • Sign in to your Qutt account.
  • In the “Home” tab under the Dashboard, Click on the “+” button to create a Qutt.
  • Enter a Qutt title under “Qutt Name”.
  • Insert the amount to be collected (Total Amount).
  • Click on “Add Participants”.
  • Enter the participant’s name and mobile number.
  • Write a message that you would like the participants to receive with the payment link in the “Write a message” field.
  • Choose whether you want your Qutt to be public or private:
    • Public Qutt: The information, including the (names and the amounts) of all participants, will be available to all those participating in this Qutt.
    • Private Qutt: Each participant will only be able to see the share assigned to them in that particular Qutt.
  • Click on “SEND” and you just started your Qutt!

KWD 1000 within a 72 hours timeframe (Time counter will reset from the last Qutt initiated).


30 participants.


Qutt participants will be charged 250 fils per Qutt transaction. The Qutt initiator will not be charged unless they added themselves in the Qutt.

No, withdrawals are free of charge.


Once a Qutt is completed, the money will be available on your Qutt account. You can request to withdraw the amount to your bank account after providing your IBAN number and a copy of your valid Civil ID. Withdrawals will be processed the next business day.

You will receive your requested amount to your bank account within 1 business day.

In order to be able to withdraw your money, you should fill in your bank details section and provide a copy of your valid Civil ID. Once that information is filled in and verified, you do not need to go through this process again, and may request to withdraw your money to the bank account registered on QUTT.

Refunds, Cancellations, Expiry & Uncompleted Qutts

Yes, you can cancel a Qutt at any time as long as at least one participant hasn’t paid their share yet. The amounts that were paid by the participants before cancelling the Qutt will be credited to your Qutt account.

Currently refunds must be processed by the Qutt initiator manually.

You will receive the amount of money that has already been paid by the participants only. Once the time expires, no other participant will be able to pay for that Qutt.

  • You can re-assign the Qutt share to a new participant.
  • You can cancel the Qutt and receive the amount that the other participants paid only.
  • If a participant paid you in cash, then you can select “Paid” under their name in the Qutt Dashboard.

Links sent to participants will be deactivated immediately. The amount collected before cancelling the Qutt will remain in your Qutt account until you request to withdraw it.


No, each link is unique and linked to the mobile number provided when the Qutt was created. Each participant should use their own link.

No, the link will only be valid once for that specific Qutt. You will receive another link when participating in another Qutt.

  • You can ask your friend to send a reminder under the dashboard stating “Remind XXX XXX”
  • You can ask your friend to send you the link through text message. The link can be found under the participants name in the dashboard stated “Copy Payment Link”.

You can not add more participants once you’ve created a Qutt, but you can create another Qutt to collect the amount needed from the extra participants.


Yes, you can recreate the same exact Qutt to include the same participants or you can even add or remove participants before starting the Qutt.